Welcome to this site! Hopefully, it will be a great resource to support your learning about product design, product development, product engineering, and design management—and maybe a few other topics as well.

This site features a number of resources to enhance your product design experience: information, videos, articles, sites, skills, and more. Under each main menu bar category you will find a drop-down menu of additional support pages related to that category. This is also a site used for additional support for Bill's online content delivered remotely for a number of venues, such as his Introduction to Product Design (ITPD) course at Portland State University and the IDEEA international competition, among others.

  • For the Home drop-down menu you will find descriptions and definitions related to product design.
  • For the PDU (Product Design University) drop-down menu you will find several support resources for product design education.
  • For the Sources drop-down menu you will find resources external to this site for design competitions, design skills, and other such design support venues.
  • For the iBooks drop-down menu you will find site pages for Bill's three Apple iBooks that he has authored.
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