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  The following are comments on ROI from notable reviewers...

"Bill's new book is ORIGINAL, COOL, DIFFERENT & IMPORTANT! I wholeheartedly endorse it. Bill is 'riding the wave' with this 'design-innovation thing'. IT IS HOT AND DESERVEDLY-BELATEDLY SO."

Tom Peters, management guru and author of The Circle of Innovation, In Search of Excellence, and the Reinventing Work series

"Bill Dresselhaus has amassed an impressive and useful collection of insights into the process of innovation."

David Kelley, Founder and CEO, IDEO

"The title says it all: Bill Dresselhaus knows how to get tangible returns on your investment in innovation, and that creating a business environment fostering creativity is good for your bottom line. Use ROI like a cookbook, implementing new 'recipes' for innovation within your organization. You’ll be pleased with the returns on your investment!"

John Harker, President and CEO, InFocus Corporation

"ROI is a practical guide to product development, effectively breaking down the entire process into its basic parts. At Art Center, it is our goal to educate our students to become creative leaders in the real world. This publication would be an invaluable aid to anyone interested in familiarizing themselves with the necessary steps that lead to product innovation." 

Richard Koshalek, President, Art Center College of Design

"Finally—a book filled with valuable product innovation tools that's also fun to read. I found Dresselhaus' masterpiece hard to put down, and I'm sure I will be picking it up again often. If you need to integrate form with function, this is the book for you." 

Preston Smith CMC, Principal, New Product Dynamics and co-author of Developing Products in Half the Time

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