Design Right iBook

Design Right

by Autodesk

The iBook, Design Right by Autodesk, is available for free on the Apple iBooks store. To review the Apple iBook edition in the Apple iBooks store, or get a sample of it, or to download it for free, please click on the book cover on the left, or click on its title above, or click on the Apple iBooks badge below left.

Design Right was originally developed for Autodesk by Bill Dresselhaus and his iBooks team to enhance, support and promote the Autodesk app, ForceEffect, an engineering statics interactive visual-graphical and computational program previously offered for free on the Apple app store. Though Autodesk ForceEffect is no longer supported by Autodesk, Design Right is still a great basic primer for engineering statics education.

As an iBook, Design Right is a multitouch interactive iBook created in Apple’s iBooks Author with a plethora of educational text, training, imagery, and videos on engineering statics. It also includes statics problems and exercises to enhance the learning experience in engineering statics.


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