Bill Dresselhaus

Bill Dresselhaus

President/CEO, Dresselhaus Group, Inc., Milwaukie, Oregon USA.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Engineering & Technology Management (ETM) Department, Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science (MCECS), Portland State University (PSU), Portland, Oregon USA.

Formerly: Joint Invited Professor of Product Design and Design Management, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea.


Bill has 45 years of professional practice and experience in design, engineering, management, business, and teaching/training. He has been an industrial designer, product engineer, mechanical designer, chemical process engineer, scientist, manager, executive, consultant, professor and trainer. He was an early innovator in California’s Silicon Valley (Stanford University, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard, IDEO, Lunar Design, etc.) and has worked for many international clients, both as a consultant/trainer and an in-house manager/designer.

See Bill’s vision for design and design thinking from the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop website. Click on the image to the left and watch the video.

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