Sample iBook Pages

Apple’s Lisa: A Product Design Story

Below are sample pages from the new iBook edition of Apple’s Lisa: A Product Design Story, available in the Apple iBooks store. This is a page selection that best exemplifies the design and content. This iBook is filled with vignettes and images and information that in some cases few have seen or known previously.

Each iBook Section is a single self-contained verbal and visual depiction of a key topic of the Lisa product design development story, including people, processes and principles. The page layout has been designed for easy navigation of desired information with minimal text and maximum visualization.

To review the new Apple iBook edition of Apple’s Lisa: A Product Design Story in the Apple iBook Store, or get a sample of it, or to purchase and download it, please click on the book icon above left, or click on the Apple iBooks badge below. Sample book pages are also under <Sample iBook Pages> in the MenuBar above.

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