Sample iBook PDF

In the pull-down in the MenuBar above is a sample PDF version of Apple’s Lisa: A Product Design Story. I will provide an idea of what the iBook is all about and what it looks like in general.

This is a SAMPLE only of the full Apple’s Lisa iBook that is available for sale on the Apple iBooks store. Included in this sample are representative examples of the chapters, topical sections, text, images, graphics, slideshows, and general content that is in the full iBook version. There is much, much more in the full version, much of which has rarely been seen before.


To review the new Apple iBook edition of Apple’s Lisa: A Product Design Story in the Apple iBook Store, or get a sample of it, or to purchase and download it, please click on the book icon above left, or click on the Apple iBooks badge below. Sample book pages are also under <Sample iBook Pages> in the MenuBar above.


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